Yegizaw Michael





Artist Statement:

My vision is to provoke questions about natural cycles, provide a sense of place and to  reflect on the movement of time. My paintings, I consider personal works though they are  for others. They are positive contacts for vibrant thoughts and spiritual moment. I use  mosaic to illustrate the unity and lusciousness of diversity. While the use of mosaic creates  a metaphor for these cycles with pieces and rocks in fragments, My mosaics are public art

In order to provide a sense of place for my audience to connect with, as a professional  artist  I reinterpret the abstract and reality of the cyclical nature of things. I integrate my  green  approach to art with growing a design solution as part of a team. I integrate  architectural  structures and mosaic works, using recycled stone, glass, aluminum, and  ceramic with  ease. Sharing my work with spaces of infrastructure is the synthesis of a  long-term  relationship, and embedded in it will be this very moment in history that prolongs its memory in our minds.